Dallas Aquarium Experts Recommends Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Substrate from CaribSea

Dallas Aquarium Experts Recommends Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Substrate from CaribSea

Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Substrate from CaribSea is the substrate, also referred to as "Live Sand" Dallas Aquarium Experts recommends on all new saltwater aquarium and reef tank installations.  This is by far the most popular product on the market. We don't even offer any other products because we believe that this is the substrate of choice for long term happiness with your initial substrate selection.  As a company with one of the largest aquarium service departments in Dallas, Texas, we have a lot of hands on experience.

fiji pink arag-alive live reef sandThe majority of hobbyist's (substrate sales numbers back up this statement) believe this product simply has the best overall color.  This is the case initially and as the aquarium matures, it is still one of the best colors of substrates on the market, mind you with proper saltwater aquarium maintenance. Secondly it already contains millions of live bacteria to help cycle your saltwater aquarium.

When we install a new saltwater aquarium we do not only rely on “live sand” to seed and begin and speed up an aquarium cycling process.  In addition, we recommend including some cured, preferably mature “live rock”.  We also encourage the use of a product that contains saltwater specific strains of live nitrifying bacteria.  This will help to reduce fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Nitrifying bacteria starter provides the proper balance of bacteria proven to rapidly seed biofilters, greatly reducing the natural cycle time allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock.

When adding substrate DO NOT rinse the CaribSea's live products. The substrate should be carefully placed on the bottom of the aquarium. Followed by adding your pre-mixed saltwater.  Cloudiness will be greatly reduced if a plate is used to stop the pre-mixed saltwater being added from disturbing the live sand.

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Dallas Aquarium Experts Recommends Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Substrate from CaribSea on all our new custom saltwater aquarium and reef tank installations. It has the best overall color initially and long term. With one of the largest Saltwater Aquarium Service Maintenance departments, in Dallas and the surrounding communities. We have the experience you can trust.

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