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Gyre 2K Flow Pump with Dual WiFi Controller - IceCapGyre 2K Flow Pump with Dual WiFi Controller - IceCap everything included in box
AquaIllumination Prime 16HD Reef LED Light Fixture Prime 16HD Reef (Black Module)
Gyre Pump XF330 PackageGyre Pump XF330 Package
Radion XR30w Pro Gen4Radion XR30w Pro Gen4
Radion XR30w Gen4Radion XR30w Gen4
Radion XR15w Pro Gen4Radion XR15w Pro Gen4
Classic 202-SS Protein Skimmer 265gReef Octopus Classic 202-S Aquatrance 3000s pump
Hydra 32HD LED Lighting FixtureHydra 32HD LED Lighting Fixture
Prime 16HD Reef (White Module)Prime 16HD Reef (White Module)
Aqua Illuminaiton Hydra 64HD LED Lighting FixtureHydra 64HD LED Lighting Fixture

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