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Does your aquarium no longer make a strong first impression? Or maybe your current aquarium just looks old, tired and dirty. If you answered yes, to many of these questions, then you need to contact Dallas Aquarium Experts!

Dallas Aquarium Experts offers the best aquarium service in Dallas and the surrounding cities.  We are DFW’s number one aquarium service company.  An Aquarium Service Company, “what’s that?” you ask?

Aquarium Service Company

An aquarium service company primarily offers aquarium maintenance services also known as aquarium cleaning. Your aquarium receives aquarium maintenance service on regularly scheduled intervals; once a week, bi-weekly, of monthly.  The time between cleaning depends on many variables. Typically, freshwater aquariums require less maintenance usually bi-weekly in commercial applications or if properly stocked with an efficient well thought out filtration system then once a month. Some saltwater aquariums require weekly aquarium maintenance service most saltwater aquarium systems are serviced every two weeks.  On the rarest occasion we will have a hobbyist that does most of the cleaning them self and need a little extra help and expertise once a month.

Custom Aquarium Design and Installation

Dallas Aquarium Experts also designs and installs aquariums.  We believe purchasing your aquarium from an aquarium service provider is the best long-term decision.  Most local fish stores want to sell you the one of the aquariums they themselves purchased and is now collecting dust waiting to be sold.  They need to sell what they have sitting on their showroom floor; they are trying to push your purchasing decision in the direction of what they have to sell NOT what’s best for you and your situation.  At Dallas Aquarium Experts we come to you, we get an understanding of your vision for your aquarium.  We discuss options, the pros and cons or each choice you will have, and requirements of maintaining your new aquarium.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Aquarium Store

Because we understand people are visual especially when it come to purchasing an aquarium.   We have transformed our aquarium showroom into our website Dallas Aquarium Experts Online  We have one of the extensive aquariums and stand/cabinetry selections online.  Right there in your home or office we can design your entire aquarium system.  Everything from selecting your perfect sized aquarium, selecting the different trim level options and stain selections for your cabinetry/stand, and we will design the lighting and filtration systems too.  When we design your aquarium system you can be sure that it’s done correctly because as the company who maintains your aquarium, we know what works best and how to set our client’s aquariums up for long term success.

My name is Morgan O’Neal and I’m the founder and owner of Dallas Aquarium Experts.  I started this company because I love aquariums.  I love what I do, and I only hire trustworthy people with good values and work ethic who have a passion for aquariums.  We would really appreciate the opportunity to be your aquarium service provider, we have been in business 10 years and have an “A Rating” with the Better Business Bureau.

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