Protein Skimmer Basics

Protein Skimming can sound complex, but in practice it is actually quite simple. In most protein skimmers, small air bubbles are produced using venturi valve which mixes air and water in a special nozzle that produces a constant flow of fine bubbles.  These bubbles float upwards, usually working their way through moderate current of downward moving aquarium water.  Surface active molecules (proteins, lipids, and other dissolved compounds in the water) collect on the bubbles and are carried to the surface of the water column in the skimmer.

Over time, foam collects at the top of this column, which narrows into a smaller tube or an inverted funnel to further concentrate the foam.  This foam will climb op over the edge of the tube of funnel and collect in skimmate collection cup from which it can be removed.  The efficiency of the protein skimmer is determined not only by the amount of skimmate removed but also the skimmate density.  In a well functioning protein skimmer, the skimmate can be the color of thick black coffee, with strong sulfus odor.

At Saltwater Aquarium and Reef by Dallas Aquarium Experts e-Com, we recommend Reef Octopus by Coral Vue. Our two tested favorites are:

 Classic 150-SS Protein Skimmer 210g

The NEW Reef Octopus Classic 150 SS In-Sump Protein Skimmer and Reef Octopus Classic 110 SS In-Sump Protein Skimmer supply powerful filtration and easily fits in most space limited installations. The new Aquatrance pinwheel skimmer pump produces an ideal mix of water and air for optimum waste removal. Easy of control with its vented wedge valve output for precision control and quiet operation. Latest output design allows cleaned water to exit the skimmer below water for quiet operation.

These two protein skimmers are used most frequently by our Aquarium Service Division of Dallas Aquarium Experts.  They offer exceptional value and performance for the price point.

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