Online Aquarium Supplies and Aquarium Maintenance Services within DFW

Dallas Aquarium Experts offers Mobile Aquarium Maintenance Service

Custom Aquarium Design and InstalltionWe are the Aquarium Service Experts, that come to you!  We are a full-service aquarium store on wheels.  In addition, to our Online Aquarium Store offering all the aquarium supplies and product your aquarium might need.  We offer freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Aquarium or Reef Tank Maintenance Service, Aquarium Leasing, and Custom Aquarium Design and Aquarium Installation.  We have a massive quarantine system in our shop.  Which means the livestock we offer to our aquarium service clients has a very high survival rate and more importantly reduces the chances of any pathogens in inadvertently being transferred into our clients aquarium and causing issues with existing livestock.

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Aquarium Service TeamWe provide the highest level of aquarium maintenance service to Collin County, Denton Country and Dallas County in the D.F.W. area.  Our service vehicles are fully equipped to provide your regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service and anything needed to perform aquarium maintenance service.   Not only are we the fish store that comes to you, we are also The Aquarium Experts.  You can trust our aquarium service technicians are highly trained and all have a passion for aquariums.

Saltwater Aquarium Service

Custom Aquarium Design and InstalltionWhether it’s a fish only marine system or you have a complex reef tank that requires weekly Reef Tank Maintenance Service, we have the knowledge and skills to maintain your marine aquarium to highest level.  With over 40 years’ experience in saltwater aquarium maintenance we have the knowledge to service any aquarium.  Whether your current service provider is failing to meet your expectation or you are just starting with a new saltwater aquarium, Dallas Aquarium Experts is the best choice to make when choosing your saltwater aquarium service provider.

Aquarium Leasing

Freshwater Lease Aquarium Freshwater Aquarium Leasing is the perfect option for our clients that want a fixed monthly cost.  This option usually works best for commercial clients with a set budget and do not want the high upfront costs of purchasing an aquarium system. 

Aquarium Design and Installation

Dallas Aquarium Experts has been designing aquariums for over forty years.  From freshwater to saltwater we can bring any aquarium you can envision to life. We believe we can offer a better sales experience and outstanding value with the use of our virtual aquarium store; you can check out our website by clicking on our website We offer one of the largest aquarium selections anywhere.  You can visit our Online Store and shop and compare all the different sizes and prices.  With the use of our virtual fish store we design the entire aquarium setup.  We will walk you through the filtration systems, lighting systems, and everything in between.

World Class Customer Service

Aquarium Service TeamWhether you purchase a complete Aquarium Setup,  just a few aquarium supplies when you need them, or we're your aquarium maintenance service company our customers appreciate our high level of customer service and attention to detail.  We are able to provide the highest level of aquarium service because of our dedicated team of Aquarium Service Technicians and the leadership of our owner and founder Morgan O’Neal.  You can rest assured that any issues that come up will be handled in the best possible way for our online aquarium store customers, local aquarium service clients and your aquarium.

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