Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Services

Saltwater Aquarium Services and Aquarium Supplies

Dallas Aquarium Experts specializes in saltwater aquarium maintenance services.  We also offer a full line of aquarium supplies and products online at  We have everything from Aquariums Set-ups to any equipment your aquarium might need.

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service

Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified Yellow Tang FishWe specialize in maintaining Reef Tanks and Saltwater Aquariums.  We offer weekly and bi-weekly saltwater aquarium service options.  Most Reef Tanks require weekly maintenance service.  Corals and other sensitive reef inhabitants do not offer very much forgiveness when it comes to changes in water chemistry therefore, they require more frequent attention.  Saltwater Aquariums with fish only are more forgiving in terms of water parameters and can usually be maintained on a bi-weekly schedule.  Some of the factors to consider that play a role in the frequency of regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service are the filtration system being properly sized with the appropriate filtration components. Another important factor to consider is the biological load of the system. If you have a setup with a correctly sized filtration system, an appropriate number of fish/livestock then, bi-weekly aquarium service most likely will be a good option.  On the other hand, if you have overstocked aquarium with an inefficient and undersized filtration system then your aquarium would require more frequent maintenance services.  These are just few examples of variables that require consideration when it comes to the frequency of aquarium maintenance.

Personalized Aquarium Maintenance Strategies for Saltwater Aquariums and Reef Tanks

Planet Aquarium Set-up offered at the Dallas Aquarium Experts Online StoreOnce it is determined Dallas Aquarium Experts and our potential client are a good match as your new saltwater aquarium maintenance provider, we will schedule a time to come out and visit your aquarium to get a better idea of the current situation.  At this time, we will get a better understanding of your aquarium’s water chemistry parameters, overall health of the aquarium, as well as perform an inspection of the aquarium’s filtration system, aquarium lighting systems and water circulation.  We will ask you a few questions about how you care for your aquarium and then we will begin making suggestions that will begin to benefit the water chemistry, and improve your overall satisfaction with your aquarium.  Reef Tanks are very complex and each system unique to itself.  As aquarium experts we have the experience to create a custom saltwater aquarium maintenance program and understand what variables adjust to create an ideal environment for your reef tank or marine aquarium.

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