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Dallas Aquarium Experts offers Aquarium Services as well as an Online Aquarium Store. We know using a professional aquarium service isn’t for everyone. So, we wanted to share information and experience about saltwater aquarium maintenance for new hobbyist.  The most important part of saltwater aquarium maintenance is regular and consistent water changes. On average, a saltwater aquarium will require a water partial water change every two weeks.  Every aquarium as its own unique environment due to variables such as, livestock and biological load (bio load), water volume, and filtration systems. There are many different Aquarium Filtration Systems.  At our Online Aquarium Store you can view the different aquarium filtration systems we recommend and use on when installing custom aquariums for our service clients by clicking here.

Saltwater Aquarium Tideline Sump offered by Dallas Aquarium Experts

The size of water changes each aquarium will require depends on the water chemistry.  On average we recommend a 20% to 35% water change at any given time. We offer a more detailed understanding of the target water parameters on the homepage of our website which you can visit by clicking here.

Organic compounds are by-products of food waste. Adding a Protein Skimmer as a part of the filtration system in a saltwater aquarium can help reduce build up of organic waste, helping to reduce nitrate and phosphate building up to the point a water change is required. There are many protein skimmers on the market.  We offer a selection of the most efficient protein skimmers on the market. You can view the skimmers we recommend to our saltwater aquarium service clients on our Online Aquarium Store by clicking here.

Saltwater Aquarium Protein Skimmer from Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store

It is recommended to use a siphon to hydro-vacuum a crushed coral substrate bottom.  When using a live sand substrate, the hydro vacuum method can be tricky because the siphon will remove the sand if you aren’t careful with the water flow.  Also, with live sand bottom tanks, when possible incorporate sand sifting fish, invertebrates or sand sifting starfish to help turn the sand and keep it looking clean.  Most of the Dallas Aquarium Experts shop tanks don’t have a substrate bottom.  We find the water changes become more effective at removing the toxic waste products such as fish excrement and uneaten food particles inside the aquarium, its also easier to see the build up.

It is recommended that only reverse osmosis de-ionized (RODI) water is used when mixing new saltwater. Most municipal water system’s water which has a combination of chloramines and chlorine, iron, phosphates, and other heavy metals.  We offer selection of reverse osmosis systems used for filtering aquarium water at our Online Aquarium Store, to check them out click here.    

Saltwater Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Filtration System offered by Dallas Aquarium Experts Online

Saltwater aquariums require cleaning to ensure proper functioning and avoid unnecessary costs. The maintenance schedule largely depends on your system type different filter systems require different maintenance schedules. 

You can set your own aquarium maintenance schedule but keep your eye on the goal. It’s not easy but with consistency, patience, and focus, you will sync into the right schedule. Consistency is the key.


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